Cabinet to sanitize instruments and objects

Professional equipment for hospitals, kindergartens, schools, schools, gyms, restaurants, hotels, offices, manufacturing industries and more.

In hospital wards, many are commonly used objects and devices that, when they come into contact with patients, need a quick sanitizing treatment to be reused.

Many of these objects, due to their chemical/physical characteristics or electronic components, cannot be subjected to traditional treatments that would compromise their functionality.

ESterilizer CABINET was created specifically to sanitize objects without damaging them.

Perfect sterilization occurs quickly, without manpower and with costs that are certainly lower than traditional systems.

The micro-drops in fact are laid on all the reachable surfaces even those at the top and those placed under tables, chairs, equipment, etc.




Height 2000mm or 39.37”
Width 1600mm or 62.99
Depth 500 mm – 19.68”
Weight: 230 Kg – 507,06 lb


Height 1,000 mm or 39.37”
Width 1,000 mm or 39.37”
Depth 450 mm or 17.71”
Weight: Kg ??? or ???lb


Height 2,500 mm – 98.42”
Width 3,000 mm – 118,11”
Depth 500 mm -19.68”
Weight: Kg ??? or ???lb