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Meet our team


Karolina is a sensitive part of our team and at the same time the business heart of the team. He runs several businesses, not only in Poland. The new project ESterilizer is an industry that Charles has always wanted to deal with, because it directly protects people. He cares about every detail of our professional life. Privately, she loves spending time in the mountains, she could walk around them with her family all day long. Today he mentions the next business teasing. Be vigilant. 😉


(‭+48) 784 930 542


A professional filmmaker, using his education and hobbies in a professional job in one of his companies. He has already made many films for companies around the world.

A supporter of a clean world. Fascinators of nature where he most often spends his free time. The inspiration for many of our company passions, thanks to him we practice mountain climbing, mountain biking or windsurfing. He always comes with new sneak peeks to the rest of the team.  


(‭+48) 728 808 646‬